Empowering Creativity

October 2022
Branson, Missouri

Limited tickets to 50 attendees

One-Time Payment

October 2022



Itinerary and Information

October 2022 Empowering Creativity Retreat

Limited to 50 spots available.

Retreat ticket - $1050 does not include lodging


Speakers for ECR

Dionne Woods - Artist, Coach to Creatives, CEO of TTIJ and the Creative Connection, podcast host, Bloom TV Network expert
Hands on photography tips, each member will take photos of themselves using their own camera. This will give them photos to use on their social media platforms. Dionne will also take professional-style photos of each person. Furniture demonstration painting
* Open Q & A daily discussions

Kamee Collins - Copywriter, Artist, Marketing expert, Editor of TTIJ
SEO explanation brand profile breakdown with PDF printable worksheet for each guest
* Content creation ideas

Debi Beard - Artist, Debi’s Design Diary, DIY Paint, DIYagogo shop owner, and expert visual storyteller
Mini video boot camp Breakout session for brick & mortar shops

Lori Siebert - Artist, BloomTV Network expert, workshop extraordinaire, art licensing expert
Lead a DIY hands on art project with group Breakout session over art licensing

Michelle Sells - Artist, World’s Only One Thumbed Puppet Maker, expert storyteller
* Motivational storytelling & mindset

Andrea Earhardt - Artist, Author, Muralist, Podcast Host, and TiKTok expert
* Start to finish canvas art with full visual art explanation of the content creation including video steps for later use

Breakout sessions -

Debi Beard - brick & mortar
Patty Levine - stress management
Andrea Earhardt - NFT’s
Lori Siebert - art licensing

Venue location - Stone Castle hotel & conference  

Sheila Smith contact for rooms. ( we have them blocked out for our group ) 417 231 4721 Stone Castle Hotel and Conference center… 3050 Green Mountain Dr Branson, MO 65616