Learn with Dionne and other committed artists! 

Whether you are starting your paint journey, need accountability in your craft, or looking to take your business to the next level, there is a group for you!

Creativity at Your Fingertips

Creativity At Your Fingertips is a group for anyone who wants to explore the art of self-expression. It’s a place where we will talk about the techniques behind finger painting, the value of it as a practice, and run through exercises that we can do to flex all our different creative muscles!

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Creative Connection

The Creative Connection is a space where artists like you come to learn new techniques, connect with other artists, talk about the business behind art and participate in challenges. I go live several times a week to share what I’m working on or to just talk.

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Empowered by Design

Empowered by Design is a one-on-one mentorship group for creative entrepreneurs. This group will be about digging deep, understanding your WHY so you can use the tools I give you to figure out the WHAT and the HOW. This group is only open to members of My Creative Connection.